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Sunday, 6 February 2022

Wildlife & Landscape Photography at Ashridge House

Wildlife & Landscape Photography Introduction Workshop
Ashridge House, Berkhamsted: 21st May 2022, £125

Learn new creative outdoor photography skills at Ashridge House in Landscape, Architecture and Wildlife photography.

At this beautiful location photograph in black and white, understand about lens selection and how to use lighting to enhance your composition and photographic techniques of these historic buildings.

Elevate your landscape photography with ND Grads to darken skies or use slow shutters for a blurred water effect.   Finish these learning a few rudimentary tips for photographing wildlife and birds.

Portrait & Off-Camera Flash Photography Workshop

Portrait & Off-Camera Flash Photography Workshop
Ashridge House, Berkhamsted: 7th May 2022 , £125

Master off-camera flash on location or as a portable studio set up.  Flashes provided, along with the model, backgrounds and wireless connections.

Learn to set-up a portable studio, use off-camera flash, find locations and posing.

Improve your flash photography and take better portraits with strobes, reflectors and natural light at the beautiful 
Ashridge House.

experience learning the basics in flash photography, setting up the lights, photographing a model, building up from one light to multiple strobes, combining flashes with ambient light and white background photography.

The strobes will be provided and you are welcome to bring along your own so that you are 
confident when photographing with flash, natural light and reflectors.

Further Information and Course Booking