Saturday, 17 April 2021

Camera Comparison Website

If you've ever been stuck trying to work out which camera to buy, new or used then have a look at Apotelyt it's quick and easy to see the benefits of each camera.  You can compare physical size and location of buttons and features.

For me, when looking at small cameras for street photography it's ideal to see which camera would fit in the 'proverbial pocket' but also be quite unobtrusive.

Fuji X100 or a Panasonic LX100ii?  A GX9 or Sony A7c?

Camera comparison Panasonic GX9 vs Sony A7C

Even information on the worlds most expensive photography lens, the Leica 1600mm ƒ5.6

If you are looking for site to compare the price of UK camera equipment Camera Price Buster is a good place to start.