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Tuesday, 22 March 2022

iPhone Photography Workshop at RLC Berkhamsted

MelenTraining iPhone Photography Workshop in the sun at the Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted.

Lovely weather on Saturday for the iPhone Photography Workshop at the Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted.  Learning a few simple tips and tricks and get the most out of instagram filters.

Next photography workshops for iPhone, Beginners and Outdoor & Wildlife courses will be
on the 14th & 15th May at the Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted.

iPhone Photography Workshop

Beginners Photography Workshop

Outdoor Photography Workshop

Monday, 7 February 2022

Street Photography Course in London at St Paul's Cathedral

Street Photography Course in London
St Paul's Cathedral and Blackfriars: 20th August 2022 , £125

creative blend of narrative, people, and architectural street photography.  Develop your composition and lighting techniques, within London's vibrant historic landscape.

Expert tuition, easy to follow practical exercises with clear advice improving your candid photography. Understand how to capture the important elements in B&W photography.

Create images for your instagram portfolio, people around St Paul’s cathedral, use creative backgrounds, Wall Art, the lanes and curious features in the urban landscape

Which style ‘candid’ or 'staged’ do you adopt?  How important are narratives and context in what you say about your photography?

Further Information and Course Booking

Beginners Photography Course at Ashridge House

Beginners Photography Course at Ashridge House
Ashridge House, Berkhamsted: 2nd April 2022, £125

Get off auto and make taking photographs on your camera easy.  Learn a few simple techniques on this beginners course at Ashridge House and be more creative with your camera.

Photograph in black and white, learn to use natural light and shadow simply to improve your photographs.  These historic grounds provide so many places to photograph with their old flint and stone walls, sculptures, ornate gardens, long avenues and beautiful backdrops to play with shapes and blurry backgrounds to make creative pictures.

With breaks to ask questions and talk about your photographs, you’ll have an opportunity to practise your own images and elevate your photography.

Sunday, 6 February 2022

iPhone Photography Course in Berkhamsted

iPhone Photography Course in Berkhamsted
Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted: May 14th 2022, £45

Make taking pictures on your iPhone easy.  You'll be amazed with the quality of pictures you can produce with just a few simple techniques and create better images for Instagram.

Be creative and capture great photographs in 
black and white or in colour and get that instagram look.  Use natural lighting, the flash, slow motion water blur,  time-lapse and panoramic.

We will be based in the newly renovated Rectory Lane Cemetery in Berkhamsted which provides plenty of great locations to practise landscape, wide angle, close up and interesting photos.  Join us on the course and elevate your photography.

Further Information and Course Booking

Beginners Photography Course in Berkhamsted

Beginners Photography Course in Berkhamsted
Rectory Lane Cemetery, Berkhamsted: 14th May 2022 , £75

Make taking pictures on your camera easy. On this short introduction to photography course learn a few simple techniques to take more creative images with your camera.

Based at the Rectory Lane Cemetery find fascinating photographs in this Victorian location. Great for black and white pictures, learning to use natural light and shadow simply. Photograph the varied structures, nature reserve and practise your skills in this unique environment.

Improve your photographs playing with shapes and shadows, shallow depth of field with fuzzy backgrounds elevating your photography. 

Further Information and Course Booking

Wildlife & Landscape Photography at Ashridge House

Wildlife & Landscape Photography Introduction Workshop
Ashridge House, Berkhamsted: 21st May 2022, £125

Learn new creative outdoor photography skills at Ashridge House in Landscape, Architecture and Wildlife photography.

At this beautiful location photograph in black and white, understand about lens selection and how to use lighting to enhance your composition and photographic techniques of these historic buildings.

Elevate your landscape photography with ND Grads to darken skies or use slow shutters for a blurred water effect.   Finish these learning a few rudimentary tips for photographing wildlife and birds.

Portrait & Off-Camera Flash Photography Workshop

Portrait & Off-Camera Flash Photography Workshop
Ashridge House, Berkhamsted: 7th May 2022 , £125

Master off-camera flash on location or as a portable studio set up.  Flashes provided, along with the model, backgrounds and wireless connections.

Learn to set-up a portable studio, use off-camera flash, find locations and posing.

Improve your flash photography and take better portraits with strobes, reflectors and natural light at the beautiful 
Ashridge House.

experience learning the basics in flash photography, setting up the lights, photographing a model, building up from one light to multiple strobes, combining flashes with ambient light and white background photography.

The strobes will be provided and you are welcome to bring along your own so that you are 
confident when photographing with flash, natural light and reflectors.

Further Information and Course Booking

Thursday, 28 October 2021

Online Photography Tutorial Videos - MelenTraining

A range of photography training videos with useful tips and tricks to help beginners and enthusiasts improve their photography. 

There are short videos from 4 to 15 mins covering the basics of photography and how to use your camera for beginners on this link MelenTraining Videos

Beginners Photography and basic camera skills

How to start photographing wildlife and birds, improving your landscape and outdoor photography as well as using your iPhone and Photos, plus post production software including Photoshop and Lightroom.

On this blog are also links to the training videos, just click on the Video Gallery tab